Curriculum Philosophy

The curriculum follows an integrated approach towards learning to ensure balanced development of skills in five key areas


Listening, speaking, reading and writing
(LSRW) skills


Thinking ability


Fine and gross motor skills


Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication


Recognition and regulation of emotions

Curriculum Features

Significant features of NextPlay that make it the most appropriate for preschoolers include

  • Age-appropriate progression

    The curriculum takes into account a child’s stage of growth and development

  • Real-life examples

    To help a child understand abstract concepts easily

  • Integrated approach

    Integration of concepts to enable children to recognise the connections between them

  • Multiple opportunities for learning

    Books, interactive audiovisual
    modules and various activities to
    engage children

  • Audiovisual integration with books

    Concepts become less abstract when examples from books come alive through videos


Real-life examples are used to explain concepts through stories,
rhymes, practice tasks and activities.


practice tasks

Vivid Artwork

80:20 Picture-text ratio

Double-Page Picture Plate to visually and mentally stimulate children

Elemental chlorine-free paper

Makes the books safe for young children

Digital Classroom

  • TeachNext is our award-winning digital classroom solution
  • Children see the characters in their books come alive and thus, learn abstract concepts better
  • A rich mix of real-life videos, 2D and 3D animation, and clay and craft animation
  • Draws the interest of young children despite their limited attention span

Mentor Manual

  • Day-wise suggested teaching plan for an academic
    year of 160 days
  • Exhaustive coverage of classroom activities with
    well-defined learning objectives and suggested activity
  • Step-by-step instructions for using the textbooks,
    resource kit and TeachNext
  • Guides the teacher on the concepts and activities to be
  • A fine motor activity, a gross motor activity and a rhyme
    or a story in each day’s plan

Resource Kit for Hands-on Learning

140 Finger Puppets

Help children narrate stories in an engaging way

Taken from stories in the textbooks

205 Sandpaper Flashcards

Help children touch and feel the letters and numbers for deeper learning

Available for letters, numbers, pre-writing strokes, Swars and Vyanjans

26 Lacing Boards

Develop fine motor and cognitive skills

Available for different letters

37 Jigsaw Puzzles

Develop spatial, cognitive and language skills

Taken from the concepts in the textbooks

29 Flashcards

Help build vocabulary and improve memory

Available for letters, words, numbers, colours and shapes

300 Beads & Strings

Help develop counting, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

Available in different colours

3 Weather Charts

Help teach children the parts of a day, weather and seasons

Available as magnetic boards

40 Play-DohTM Moulds

Develop fine motor skills

Available for letters, numbers and shapes

  • Promotes physical, cognitive and linguistic development through interactive, engaging and fun-filled activities
  • Use non-toxic, non-tearing and washable components, such as finger puppets, beads, flashcards and puzzles
  • Helps reinforce textbook concepts through symbols and examples


Day-wise Assessment

Monthly Assessment

A framework for day-wise and monthly assessment of a child’s progress
makes sure that continuous learning and development goals are achieved.

Academic Partnership

We provide continuous academic support to preschools through academic audits, periodic assessments and prescriptive solutions, and nation-wide
conferences and extensive training for teachers to help develop their skills for optimal use of the NextPlay curriculum.

academic photo
academic photo

Preschool Management Support

NextPlay Connect helps preschools manage student and staff information accurately, and communicate quickly with parents and staff.


Send quick alerts and information to parents and staff
via SMS and email

SMS ( Student/Parent)

Student information

  • Manage accurate and updated student profile
  • Maintain complete parent details

Staff information

  • Maintain complete staff profiles
  • Manage roles and designations to create
    organisational hierarchy


Send quick alerts and information to parents and staff
via SMS and email

Voice SMS ( Student/Parent)


Send quick alerts and information to parents and staff
via SMS and email


Promotional Support

Branding and marketing collateral (flyers, banners, boards and visiting cards) help the preschools to establish a strong presence in the community.


Visiting Cards

Backdrops & Banner designs

Benefits of NextPlay

The NextPlay curriculum strengthens the foundation of the academic future of preschoolers and offers the following benefits:

  • A complete solution for a seamless learning experience
  • Economical and easily adaptable with no royalty fee
  • Teacher training and audit for an enhanced teaching-learning environment
  • Greater student-teacher interaction with better lesson and resource planning
  • Preschool identity and brand development while meeting national and global standards
  • Advanced preschool management support to manage student and staff information, and more

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